Ethics and Standards

Code of Ethics

The AATQ guides the practice of its professional members with a code of ethics and standards of practice. The association’s Code of Ethics for Art Therapists was established with the intention of maintaining the highest standards of practice and protecting the interests of clients who use the services of an art therapist. It is important to the AATQ that the public be made aware of their rights.

The AATQ standard of ethical practice is the level of quality and distinction that is accepted as our norm and by which the art therapy and the art therapist may be judged. 

It is to be considered the association’s authorized model for defining the practice of art therapy.

Training Standards

Through our code, we also establish our training standards. These standards reflect the most recent information relating to the practice of art therapy. Our association only accepts members who meet the highest standards of training as professional art therapists.

As an association, we are prepared to investigate any questions or any violation of our ethical code. We have a system in place that receives and reviews any enquiries, concerns or complaints about the conduct of a member of the AATQ.

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