Nina Pariser

2100 Avenue de Marlowe, Montréal, QC, Canada

(438) 801-0509

Approches et techniques privilégiées :

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Diplômes et certifications professionnels :

Maîtrise en art-therapie, Université Concordia

Formation(s) complémentaire(s) :

My name is Nina, and I am an Art Therapist. I am a professional member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA), The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and a licensed member of L'Association des arts-thérapeutes du Québec (ATPQ). See below to learn more about me.

Je m'appelle Nina et je suis art-thérapeute. Je suis membre professionnel de l'Association canadienne d'art-thérapie (ACAT), de l'Association canadienne de counseling et de psychothérapie (ACCP) et membre agréé de l'Association des arts-thérapeutes du Québec (ATPQ). Voir ci-dessous pour en savoir plus.

My clinical training experience includes:

Public practice art therapy, adult education counselling and mental health services, Alzheimer's and dementia mental health services, special needs art therapy (pediatric, children and teens) and community art therapy programming. I also have experience in art therapy for adults with special needs, museum-based art therapy and art therapy in the CIUSS network.

I have experience working with children and teens in community arts and classroom programming since 2002. I am also a licensed teacher with ten years of classroom experience. I have a specialization in art education and spent seven years teaching and providing art therapy for young adults in competency development centers.


Art Therapy uses the artistic, creative process in a therapeutic way. The art therapist offers a space for self-expression and working through difficult emotions through art-making. Art therapy aims to resolve internal conflicts or lived issues. It also aims to help in developing strategic and healthy ways of coping with difficult situations.


Eco-Art Therapy combines elements of ecopsychology and art therapy.


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