Carolyn Hirtle

Montreal, QC, Canada

Clientèle cible :

Adolescents 12-18, Adultes, Aînés, Enfants 6-12, Jeunes adultes 18-25

Approches art-thérapeutiques :

Centrée sur le processus artistique, ETC (Expressive Therapies Continuum)

Diplômes et certifications professionnels :

Master of Arts - Creative Arts Therapies - Art Therapy
Trauma Informed Practices & Expressive Arts Therapy Institute 2023

Pratique clinique et méthodes d'intervention :

My intention is to provide an open and non-judgmental space where we can collaborate to explore your unique needs in therapy. Using art therapy, I invite you to find authentic and creative ways to express your experiences, empowering you to explore emotions and thoughts that may not easily be put into words. Integrating holistic, humanistic, psychodynamic, and systemic perspectives, I will work with you to address challenges, develop your strengths, and cultivate meaningful personal growth.

  • Parle : Anglais

  • Membre de : The Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada (ACNN)

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