Cara Tompkins Rosa

Montreal, QC, Canada

Clientèle cible :

Adolescents 12-18, Adultes, Aînés, Enfants 6-12, Groupes, Jeunes adultes 18-25

Expertises :

Difficultés personnelles et relationnelles Difficultés reliées au stade de vie Développement / Éducation / Scolarité Difficultés professionnelles Vie conjugale et familiale

Approches et techniques privilégiées :

Humanistic, Mindfulness

Approches art-thérapeutiques :

Approche studio (non directive), Centrée sur le processus artistique, ETC (Expressive Therapies Continuum)

Diplômes et certifications professionnels :

Master of Counselling in Art Therapy (MC:AT), Athabasca University;
Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy (DVATI), Vancouver Art Therapy Institute;
Trained and Accredited Professional Art Therapist (ATPQ), Quebec Art Therapy Association;
Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC), Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Pratique clinique et méthodes d'intervention :

I believe that each person has the capacity to become their authentic self and to find meaning through creative expression. I approach each person’s unique reality with curiosity and respect. I provide a judgment-free, welcoming environment for each individual to uncover, explore, process, and understand their thoughts and feelings. I see the therapeutic relationship as a shared journey built on trust and acceptance, designed to support and guide individuals to create a path to well-being.

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