Quebec Alliance of Creative Arts Therapists (QACAT) 

Regroupement québécois des thérapeutes par les arts (RQTA)


The purpose of this contest is to design a logo that can be used for the new Regroupement québécois des thérapeutes par les arts (RQTA) organization. This logo is meant to reflect the coming together of five organizations as one whole. This represents joining together in the spirit of promoting and recognizing all creative arts therapeutic modalities in Quebec.


This logo can be used online, in print, and for other promotional materials.


You could win:

  • $100 prize (giftcard)
  • A framed sample of your winning design
  • Recognition from the association for your design


See below for submission details:

  • Logos can be hand drawn, but must be submitted electronically as a high quality jpg or png file
  • Please make sure the electronic image is high resolution (min. 300 res/dpi pixels per inch)
  • If you are using digital format to create the design, keep high resolution (around 500-800 pixels workspace).
  • Please include the RQTA initials, but otherwise keep text to a minimum, as depending on the re-sizing of the logo information may not be legible.
  • All logos must be the designer’s original work
  • Logo can be designed in color, but keep in mind that it must be translatable into black and white. If using color, please submit both a color and black and white digital version of the logo


The winning logo design will be chosen by a blind committee made up by representatives from the RQTA (independent from the Board of Directors and this logo design committee) including each modality.


Please send all submissions to: RQTALOGO@gmail.com


Deadline to receive submissions: April 29th, 2022 by midnight



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