Books by AATQ members and other Canadian art therapists

Expanding the Frame: Self-Portrait Photography as Applied to Drama Therapy Practice

Lindsay Chipman
VDM Verlag, 2009
116 pages
ISBN-10: 3639166884; ISBN-13: 978-3639166880

This book explores the relationship between Drama Therapy and photographic based therapies. Different therapeutic self-portrait photography methodologies such as Photo Therapy, Therapeutic Photography, and Photodrama are examined in relation to certain principal Drama Therapy theories and methodologies.

Creativity and the Dissociative Patient:
Puppets, Narrative and Art in the Treatment of Survivors of Childhood Trauma

Lani Gerity
Taylor & Francis Group, 1999
149 pp
ISBN: 1-85302-722-7

Veteran art therapist Lani Gerity demonstrates how puppet making is an effective therapeutic intervention with survivors of childhood trauma, particularly with survivors who display dissociative symptoms.

Emotional Expression Among Cree Indians:
The Role of Pictorial Representations in the Assessment of Psychological Mindedness

Nadia Ferrara
Taylor Francis Group, 1998
144 pp
ISBN: 1853026565

This comparative study looks at the emotional expression and psychological-mindedness of two groups: Euro-Canadians and Cree Amerindians.   The author concludes that some cultures predispose their members to express their emotions in non-verbal ways.


Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy: Theoretical and Clinical Perspectives

Stephen K. Levine and Ellen G. Levine
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1998
350 pp
ISBN: 1-85302-463-5

This text provides an arts-based approach to the theory and practice of expressive arts therapy.

Grain of Truth: The Ancient Lessons of Craft

Ross Laird
Walker & Company, 2002
200 pp
ISBN: 0-80277-638-8

Drawing on his wood working experiences, this Vancouver-based art therapist presents a very personal exploration of the relationship between creativity and spirituality.

Healing Through Art: Ritualized Space and Cree Identity

Nadia Ferrara
McGill-Queens University Press, 2004
184 pp
ISBN 0-77352-721-4

In her second book, Montreal-based Nadia Ferrara further explores the healing power of art therapy as it is used by individuals within the Cree community.   The cultural aspects of these therapeutic experiences are examined in great depth, making this book an important contribution to Native Studies and anthropology, as well as to the field of art therapy.

Principles and Practice of Expressive Arts Therapy: Toward a Therapeutic Aesthetics

Paolo Knill, Ellen G. Levine and Stephen K. Levine
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004
264 pp
ISBN: 1-84310-039-8

The authors advocate an alternative approach to art therapy which challenges the more prevalent practice of working within a pre-existing psychological framework.


A Stone’s Throw: The Enduring Nature of Myth

Ross Laird
McClelland & Stewart, 2003
332 pp
ISBN: 1-55199-9091-1

In his second book, Vancouver art therapist Ross Laird reflects on the powerful symbolism of stones as he transforms a volcanic rock into a piece of sculpture.   While his hands shape the stone, he reflects upon traditional mythology and personal anecdotes which illustrate how stones have always served to orient us geographically, historically and culturally.

Strengthening Emotional Ties through Parent-Child-Dyad Art Therapy:
Interventions with Infants and Preschoolers

Lucille Proulx
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2002
202 pp
ISBN: 1-84310-713-9

Drawing on her lengthy experience working as an art therapist, the author (and former AATQ president) presents a thorough examination of the many aspects of parent-child-dyad art therapy based on the latest findings in attachment theory.

Tapestry of Cultural Issues in Art Therapy

Anna R. Hiscox, and Abby C. Calisch (Editors)
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1998
380 pp
ISBN: 1-85302-576-3

Various authors discuss the many practical and theoretical challenges encountered by art therapists when working with people from different cultural and racial backgrounds.   Contributors include AATQ members Pascal Annoual, Nicole Heusch and Nadia Ferrara, among others, while Abby C. Calish is a past program director of the Concordia University Creative Arts Therapy MA program.


Introductory books on art therapy  

Art Therapy

David Edwards
Sage Publications, 2004
163 pp
ISBN: 0-76194-751-5

A comprehensive look at the field of art therapy.   Emphasis is given to the development and role of art therapy in the UK where the author resides.   However, he also includes an interesting survey of the practice in Europe, Canada and the U.S.

Art Therapy: An Introduction

Judith Rubin
Taylor & Francis Group, 1999
325 pp
ISBN 0-87630-897-3

American art therapist Judith Rubin has been a dynamic and influential force in the development of art therapy for several decades and has written a number of widely used books on the subject.   In this introductory book she provides a synthesized overview of the theory and practice of art therapy.


Books on the history of art therapy

A History of Art Therapy in the United States

Maxine Borowsky Junge with Paige Pateracki Asawa
American Art Therapy Association, 1994
354 pp
ISBN: 1-882-147-23-5

The authors chronicle the emergence and evolution of art therapy as it occurred within the broader field of mental health in the U.S.   They give attention to cultural, political and bureaucratic details, describing how, for instance, the fledgling discipline went about establishing its own set of professional standards and graduate programs.

This book is available only from the American Art Therapy Association, 1202 Allanson Road, Mundelein, Illinois, 60060, 708-949-6064; FAX: 708-566-4580.

Art Therapy and Postmodernism

Creative Healing Through a Prism
Edited by Helene Burt, foreward by Joy Schaverian

Jessica Kingsley Publisher, coming in November 2011

Healing Arts: The History of Art Therapy

Susan Hogan
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2001
336 pp
ISBN 1-85302-799-5

A well researched and sweeping text that delves into the philosophical underpinnings of both art and psychiatry to expose the roots of art therapy in the UK.   An account which will be of interest to medical and art historians as well as those who are interested in art therapy itself.

The Modern History of Art Therapy in the United States

Maxine Borowsky Junge
Charles C Thomas Publisher, 2010
ISBN: 0398079412

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