Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of the AATQ?

You can apply quickly and easily to become a member of the AATQ online by clicking on the following link : Online application form

You can also fill in a paper version of the application form and send it by mail with your check. 

Application form PDF to print 

For renewal of membership, you can either do it online by login in your account or by filling in this form : 

Renewal form PDF to print 

What documents should I provide with my new application?

In order to evaluate your application for membership, you need to provide some documents. They can be send by email or by mail. 

Professional member: Transcript and diploma

(In the case where you have not yet received your degree, you can provide a letter from the university stating that you have completed all requirements for the master's degree and that you are waiting for your graduation.)

Student member: Proof of student status

When can I apply to become a member?

New memberscan apply at any time throughout the year.  Please note that if your professional or allied membership application is made after June 30th, then the fee is reduced by 50%

Can I still become a member if I trained in an art therapy program in another country?

Yes. If the program you completed complies with the AATQ educational standards. For example, the American Art Therapy Associationmaintains a list of approved schoolswhich the AATQ presently recognizes as complying with its own educational standards. In certain cases an evaluation of credentials by the AATQ Educational Equivalency Committee may be necessary. This committee meets three times a year in January, May and September.

All programs are approximately two years in length.   Some schools offer diplomas in art therapy while others award a master’s degree.   At the moment, three universities in Canada offer a master’s degree program in art therapy, Concordia University offers a Master of Arts, Art Therapy Option and the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute offers a Masters in Counselling: Art Therapy Specialization, in conjunction with the Athabasca University.

The Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue offers a Master's degree in art therapy.

There are other private educational institutions which offer art therapy programs in Canada.


List of programs

The AATQ’s basic requirement for professional membership is a master’s degree in art therapy. Consult the AATQ training standards guidelines for more detailed information.

Note: Prospective students from other provinces are advised to ascertain the requirements of professional membership in their provincial art therapy association and to ask whether or not their intended program of study will meet these requirements.


What are the membership categories and how much does the yearly membership cost for each?

Membership categories are as follows:

Professional members $120.00

Professional members are art therapists who have a master’s degree in art therapy from a university recognized by the AATQ (please refer to the professional members directory on our website under the heading 'Find an art therapist'). In addition, some art therapists who have studied in non-master’s level art therapy programs may also be eligible for Professional membership status if they satisfy the educational equivalency standards. Consult the AATQ training standards guidelinesfor more information. Evaluation of these files are carried out in January, May and September.

Allied Professional members $120.00

These are members who have a master’s degree in a creative arts therapy modality such as drama therapists, music therapists, and dance/movement therapists.

Student members $50.00

Students enrolled in a graduate art therapy program (or the equivalent). IMPORTANT: It is necessary if you apply online or by mail to send us a proof of your registration in a Master's level art therapy program in order to be accepted as a student member of the AATQ. You can send it by mail or by scanning and emailing it.  

Membership fees are paid yearly. Fees must be submitted, in full, with new membership applications or yearly membership renewals.

Affiliated members

There are four kinds of affiliate memberships:

1.      Special affiliate members (in Canada only) $90.00
These are individuals who are not qualified art therapists but have shown an active interest in art therapy through work or study in art therapy or a related field and who wish to support the purposes and objectives of the association.

2.      Student affiliate $50.00
These are full time or part time students of disciplines other than art therapy who are interested in the profession.

3.      Foreign affiliate: $100.00
These are interested persons residing outside Canada who wish to support the purposes and objectives of the association.

4.      Contributing affiliate: $105.00
These are individuals, organizations, institutions or foundations who annually contribute the amount specified above to the association. Contributing agencies shall have the privilege of assigning a specified representative. If eligible for Professional Membership, this representative shall have the privileges of such membership; others shall have the privileges of Special Affiliation.

What are the advantages of being a member of the AATQ?


The AATQ offers its members comprehensive liability insurance at reasonable rates. Further information concerning this may be obtained by contacting the Chair, Professional Liability Insurance, AATQ 

Professional members Directory 

Professional and Allied members can manage their own professional profile on the Professional members Directory that is on our website. 


Twice a year, the AATQ compiles “The Communiqué” which offers a wide variety of interesting articles, news about the art therapy community and much more. Members find this publication inspiring and an invaluable way to keep abreast of professional development.

The Forums

The forums are a productive and convenient way to stay in touch with the art therapy community. In addition to serving as an electronic forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge about art therapy, it will help keep you apprised of important news and professional opportunities in the field. More specialized forums, such as the student forum or the psychotherapy permit forum allows a more concentrated discussion for sub groups in the AATQ.

Political representation

The defence of the interests of the profession before government bodies or other instances. 


At what time of the year can I renew my membership?

All renewal applications can be submitted online by going to your profile and following instructions about updating information and payment options.

  • The renewal deadline is January 15th of each year.
  • Renewals postmarked after January 15th are subject to a late fee of $20.00
  • Renewals not received by February 15th (30 days after deadline) may be suject to a reinstatement fee of $50.00

The renewal forms can also be downloaded from this website and mailed with your check.

Will I be able to obtain a receipt for tax purposes?

Yes, your receipt will automatically be emailed to you along with your membership confirmation and your 'virtual' membership card.

Who can I contact if I have any other membership questions?

Please direct other membership questions to the Chair, Membership Committee, AATQ.

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